Dayshawn and Michael's Adoption Day

One of our first ever wedding clients from 2014 asked us to come film the adoption day for the two boys they've been fostering for the last few years. They got dressed up at their home in Bellingham, WA, surprised the boys with a limo ride to the courthouse, and met with the Judge to make their family official.

(header photo by Krista Welch Photography)

I had never been involved with anything like this before, and it was truly amazing to witness. The love this family shares for each other is obvious, and the heart these two new parents have for children in the foster system is inspiring.⠀

I love filming weddings because I they are one of life's big wins, and we something we should celebrate... but this, this feels like another level. Anyone out there who has adopted, hopes to adopt, or is currently going through that process, I hope you know that you're heroes. And anyone who has an adoption day in the future and wants to make a video, call me. I'd love to do this again.⠀

This inspirational story was picked up by several publications. Including:

Good Morning America


For Every Mom

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